El Pollo Norteño is a California-based company that provides a delicious cuisine focused around the chicken.  The model is fun, trendy and convenient.  The concept fits the needs of many different types of customers, people and demographics allowing for a wide range of possible locations which could fit the El Pollo Norteño business model.  Currently, from its base of three successful company-owned units in Southern California, El Pollo Norteño will be franchising the company’s operations in order to bring the its famous chicken to all parts of the United States.  Through franchise development, El Pollo Norteño will have the ability to operate locations in new markets and areas without the cost and management responsibilities that would come with geographically widely distributed company owned outlets.  The brand will be focused on owner operators who invest, own, operate and LOVE the El Pollo Norteño brand and philosophy

El Pollo Norteno provides a high quality franchise opportunity for food service entrepreneurs and business professionals who would like to start a business in this thriving industry and with a business model that allows for scalable growth.  This could be a great business for an owner operator such as a husband and wife team or a professional food service entrepreneur aiming to expand their financial opportunities.

Once a El Pollo Norteno franchise is placed, our senior staff becomes 100% committed to that individual location and store’s success.  When you join the El Pollo Norteno family, we consider our senior staff’s accessibility and direct accountability to be good business for us simply because you now will represent the brand, the family and the years of hard work that went into building El Pollo Norten into what it is today.

Contact El Pollo Norteno franchise department for additional details.